Breach of Dimensions

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Oct 252014

A bit late to update here, but I entered LD 30 and made a little game!

It was a lot of fun making it, even if the ending was a bit shaky with me passing out and barely waking up in time to implement the final level. If I were to do it over, I would definitely have prioritized putting in some sound effects and music. However, learning how to setup ragdolls in unity and adjust their behavior felt like a worthwhile distraction.

Here is the Ludum Dare page if you wish to see it:

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Sep 072013

I’m currently working on Mega Merc, a game that started as a charity jam weekend game! In case it wasn’t obvious by the name, it’s heavily inspired by Mega Man. Platforming and shooting mechanics! Killing bosses and taking their weapons! Heavily inspired might be an understatement; however, I’m having fun with it!
To end the post, here’s a moving screenshot from the game.

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Aug 232013

Play the game on:

My major inspiration for the game is Lemmings. It deviates a bit with a few of the commands, but any veteran of lemmings will feel right at home with most of the core gameplay. The game started as a weekend game jam, and I was originally was going to do all of the artwork myself, but the artist that I worked on Orbits with decided to help me out by revamping the character design and helping with a few other assets, as well as another friend helping out with a title screen image. Everything else was done by myself.

I implemented an in game level editor as well that can be accessed by press L + E at the title screen. The levels are saved as single strings that were designed to be implemented into a level sharing system, but was sadly a dropped feature. I spent a lot of time constructing and optimizing the water system for this game, but did not end up using a lot of it. Be careful of unneeded feature creep when designing games!

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