Aug 232013

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My major inspiration for the game is Lemmings. It deviates a bit with a few of the commands, but any veteran of lemmings will feel right at home with most of the core gameplay. The game started as a weekend game jam, and I was originally was going to do all of the artwork myself, but the artist that I worked on Orbits with decided to help me out by revamping the character design and helping with a few other assets, as well as another friend helping out with a title screen image. Everything else was done by myself.

I implemented an in game level editor as well that can be accessed by press L + E at the title screen. The levels are saved as single strings that were designed to be implemented into a level sharing system, but was sadly a dropped feature. I spent a lot of time constructing and optimizing the water system for this game, but did not end up using a lot of it. Be careful of unneeded feature creep when designing games!