Jun 252012

Assembots is the game I’ve been working on since my last blog update! It was meant to be a quick little project to try and make some money on while still making a game that I would like to play. My major inspiration for the game is Lemmings. It deviates a bit with a few of the commands, but any veteran of lemmings will feel right at home with most of the core gameplay. The game started as a weekend game jam, and I was originally was going to do all of the artwork myself, but the artist that I worked on Orbits with decided to help me out by revamping the character design and helping with a few other assets, as well as another friend helping out with a title screen image. Everything else was done by myself and was a lot of work to try to get all of the features I wanted in and try to keep to a short deadline. I’ve just put the game on flashgamelicense a week ago and am hoping for a decent sponsorship, wish me luck!

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